quila Acumbaro
Product: Tequila Acumbaro -Blanco, Reposado 6mo., Reposado 9 mo., & Añejo

Factory: David Partida Zuniga S.A. de C.V.

NOM: 1454

Region: Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico

Aged in oak: Reposado Green Bottle 6 months, Reposado Red Bottle 9 months, Anejo 2 years

Agave Sugars: 100%

Alc. By Vol.: 40% (80 Proof)

Description: Bottled in thick, heavy glass, in the shape of a 3-sided pyramid and sealed with cork and wax. This tequila is of superior quality, definately for sipping straight. Available in Silver Triple Distilled=clear bottle, etched label; Reposado=6 months aged green bottle, paper label; Reposado=9 months, red bottle, etched label; Añejo=blue bottle, etched label.