Product: Germana Cachaça

Factory: UNIAGRO-Uniao Agropecuaria Ltda.


Region: Vista Alegre Ranch, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Aged in oak: 2 years (1 Liter bottle) & 10 years reserve Heritage (750ml. bottle)

Sugars: distilled from 100% estate grown sugar cane, not from molasses which is the by product of sugar making used to make RUM.

Alc. By Vol.: 40% (80 Proof)

Description: The Sergio Caetano family has over 90 years experience making ultra-premium cachaça. Manual harvesting, natural fermentation, distillation in copper stills, and oak and balm casks for ageing, all make for a refined final product. The bottles are covered by dry banana leaf husks. Premium for sipping straight, or for mixing in the caipirinha drink(mixed with lime juice and sugar), so popular in Brazil. The rich, musty flavors of sugar cane burst from the smell, and the flavor is smoother and more dense than any other cachaças on the market.

The 10 year reserve Heritage is very limited and pricey!