Product: Scorpion Mezcal

Region: Oaxaca, Mexico

NOM: 019X

Agave sugars: 100% Vol.: 40% (80proof)

Description: EAT the SCORPION!!

Previously bottled under the labels of "Caballeros" or "El Senor", now under the label "Scorpion Mezcal". This is a very unique product, triple distilled, and of high quality for sipping. The scorpion has had the stinger & insides removed, is just the exoskeleton, has been approved by the FDA, and will not give any reaction. SO EAT IT!

Available in Silver(unaged), Reposado(9 months), Añejo (3 years), and a 5 year and 7 year Extra-Añejo Reserve. The 5 yr & 7 yr. both have large specimen scorpions! The reposado is also available in a 200ml. bottle with small scorpion in each bottle.